Wicker, Willow & Bamboo Coffins

Willow is a fast-growing, eco-friendly and sustainable material, which benefits from regular cropping. It absorbs, and locks in, carbon dioxide during growth. If buried, this CO² remains locked away. If cremated, only the same amount of CO² is released back into the environment making it “carbon-neutral”. Willow grows without the need for fertilisers, and actually builds fertility in poor or depleted soils. It also provides valuable habitats for wildlife.

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing woody plant, and actually benefits from harvesting: making it an exceptionally sustainable material. Bamboo plantations provide additional benefits to the
environment: preventing soil erosion, cooling the surrounding temperature & producing oxygen. Species of bamboo used in our products are not eaten by Pandas, and do not harm their natural habitat.

Pará wood
Pará wood is also known as Hevea or “rubber tree wood”. It is a fast-growing hardwood, grown for the production of latex which is the primary source of natural rubber. After its productive lifetime of approximately 25-30 years is over the tree is felled for use as timber. At this time new saplings are planted and the cycle begins again. The tree’s fast growth rate and multiple uses make it a sustainable and environmentally friendly wood.

Bulrush is a reed-like water plant, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, as well as making a beautiful woven accent.




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