Colourful Coffins


Colourful Coffins are proud to be an independent family-owned business and put family values at the heart of everything they do.

As an award-winning company with a reputation for innovation and design, they are passionate about providing the highest levels of quality and customer service.

Their carefully-chosen team has many years of experience working with funeral directors and bereaved families and it is very rewarding for them when they receive wonderful letters from people who say that they have helped them through the most difficult of days.

Colourful Coffins are proud to support and fund raise for a number of charities and both Mary and Kevin Tomes (Proprietors) are trustees of the Child Funeral Charity.

“We are pleased to be able to work alongside Colourful Coffins and can vouch for their excellent standards and attention to detail and outstanding customer service”

Colourful Coffins pride themselves on their bespoke designs and welcome your ideas and themes that they can reflect in the design.

Colourful Coffins believe it’s important to look after the planet for future generations, which is why they do their best to ensure Colourful Coffins is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Take a look at some of the things they do:

The Environment:

  • First coffin company to partner with Climate Care to offset the greenhouse gases each time a Colourful Coffin is cremated
  • Planting trees – over 5,000 so far – in their memorial woodland, one for each time a Colourful Coffin is buried
  • Offer the only 100% recycled cardboard coffin on the market
  • Only use biodegradeable paper and their cotton wraps use environmentally-friendly inks
  • All Colourful Coffins are approved for burial and cremation, including at natural burial grounds


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