Cremation Direct (Isle of Wight) £1,750.00 (inc of third party fees)

Direct cremations are becoming a popular choice for many families across the UK.

This can be due to a variety of reasons, personal or practical.

By the nature of the direct cremation you will be looking for a discreet yet dignified service where your loved one is transported to the crematorium with respect & dignity yet avoiding the need of a hearse which you may find too austere for the nature of the service and also not in keeping with the wishes of the deceased.

Our fully equipped ‘Hearsette’ built by Wilcox Limousines maintains the respect element of transporting the deceased without a main hearse being involved.

We are very happy to meet with you to arrange the direct cremation or you may just prefer to speak with us over the phone or sometimes just via email, the choice is yours.

The ashes of your loved one are collected by us and remain safely with us until you feel ready to collect them or we can bring them home to you if you prefer.

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